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ISP3 AVR programmer

InCircuit JTAG/SPI programmer for Atmel AVR Microproceesors

• ISP3-X connects to the PC the USB interface.
• ISP3-X works in the High-Speed USB-2 mode. Can also be connected to USB-1 ports and HUBs
• No power supply necessary. The ISP3-X can be supplied from the PC interface (USB) or from target.
• Automatic adaption to the target voltage (1.7-5.5Volt, ca. 40mA)
• Powerful and extensive software
• Software runs on XP . Vista and Windows7 , 32bit and 64bit
• Smal, leightweight and handy device ca. 100x55x20mm
• Supports all SPI , JTAG , PDI and TPI programmable AVRs
• Supports the AVR Tinys in TPI mode
• Supports XMegas in PDI mode
• Supports all SPI programmable AT89Sxx, AT89LSxx and AT89LPxx types
• Supports the TI/ChipCon CC1110, CC2510 and CC2430 family
• Programmable output voltage (supply) for the target system. 1.7..5.2Volt 30mA..300mA
• Self update with new firmware through a PC for future enhancements
• SPI, JTAG, PDI and TPI programming support

Option external switching power supply 100..250VAC with 8Volt/400mA (not included)
Option adaptor from Atmel 6pin SPI to Atmel 10pin program connection (not included)
Option adaptor from E-LAB JTAG to Atmel JTAG program connection (not included)
Option adaptor from ISP3 6pin to TI/ChipCon CC2430 evaluation board (not included)

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