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Image & Document Archive (IDA) is an online archive or library system for storing and retrieving images and documents.
It is designed for use by groups like historical societies or any other groups who have collections of images and documents that they wish to make available to their members and the public. It could also be called a Collection Management System.

IDA can be added to an existing website or we can provide a complete system with hosting.

We can help you get your collection online quickly, easily and inexpensively!

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Key Features:    for a detailed discussion of these features, see the User Manual
  • allows cataloguing and display of images, documents and genealogical information
  • fully online, can be accessed and managed from anywhere
  • secure access for people authorised to manage the collection
  • does not require proprietary software on the PC
  • can be used from a PC, Mac or Unix device, or a phone or tablet
  • can be integrated into an existing website or separately hosted
  • unlimited number of images and documents
  • images can include a watermark (small, large or none)
  • powerful searching features or simple search
  • browse feature to encourage browsing of the collection
  • slideshow option
  • text overlay feature for captions on maps or group photos etc
  • screens are adjusted to suit viewing screen size
  • facility for users to report problems or comment on images
  • users can send an email to a friend about an image
  • users can order copies of an image (if you choose to sell them)
  • links from one image to another or to related documents or people
  • people database to show genealogical info about people in images
  • presents random images to prompt exploration of the collection
  • logging of assets that are accessed
  • can be linked to NLA Trove database (OAI-PMH)
  • displays your branding
  • customisation is possible to suit specific needs
  • low cost option compared to other commercial offerings

To view a full working IDA system, visit Kurrajong-Comleroy Historical Society.

Download the full Image & Document Archive User Manual or an IDA Brochure.

DG Logo  IDA is a product of Digital Graphics Pty Ltd. Please email or call us to discuss the system.

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